Its been a childhood dream to write. All I know that, when I will leave this planet, what will remain behind me are only my thoughts!! So taking a pain to think right and express it rightly, I am Here!! Hi, my name is Triratna.

I am from Bhandara, a very little known place in India. I am the One among four what my parents got!! I completed my education in this town only and GRABBED my engineering degree from NANDED ( yes, grabbed, because at this time,it is the only achievement i have in life ;p). The holy city for Sikhs. Have a SHORT 5 year stint as Junior Telecom Engineer but now i am back to square one! Yup reading from 6th standard onwards!! I like reading, i love cricket, i am a proud sportsman, play Table tennis and had a hands on Tennis also, badminton is my second favourite sport.

‘Struggle is what i had in my life, is what i continue to see in my life and i will always surpass it! is the simple motto of my life.

My life journey till now is very excited, but i am here not to tell that journey but to tell how this world looks to me. To share my perspective about our world. So my post will be like that.