‘Mathematics is fun!’ If I speak this, half of the student population of nation will kick me!! “How come?, Why ? will be the obvious questions to follow. Mathematics is a nightmare for elementary education, insipid to primary and daydream to graduate students. ’Solving mathematics’ is another puzzle of mathematics itself. We sit down to calculate, ‘whether or not to go for it’. Such a mess! The greatest scientist of the century Albert Einstein has once said “Do not worry about your difficulties in MATHS, I assure you, mine are still greater!”

If such a great person has this view then why should we fear about mathematics!!  You see, he had a problem in MATHS still he has  given us a formula E=mc^2, astonishing right!! So it must be easy to learn MATHS! Yes it is! What we see, MATHS is basically +,-, ×, ÷ & not beyond that, isn’t it simple? Who say we don’t know this?? Yes we all do! Then why MATHS scares us?

The problem lies with our learning system. We believe in mugging, we start our learning with tables of 1s, 2s, 3s etc. but we always fail to relate it with our physical surrounding. Students in early life do not understand their significance nor can imagine what these operations actually do. If I say 6 is divided by 2, can we picture it? NO, many will see only number 3, but can’t picture it like ‘ a group of 6 people when divided in 2 groups each group will contain 3 members’. Here only, we fail to observe an operation in early stage of learning. Be it geometry or algebra or trigonometry, math’s scope goes on increasing but we lack their significance in real life and hence MATHS keeps on becoming tough. We basically lack OBSERVATION and fail to co-relate any mathematical function to our life.

We have to live MATHS to love it. How we live mathematics today? In counting salaries and deductions or while purchasing household groceries, That’s it! This is THE only significance of math in our COMMON life! A great physicist Paul Dirac has beautifully described “God used beautiful mathematics to create this world.” So if mathematics is everywhere around us, why we use it so limited in purpose in our COMMON life.

In our daily lives, our mathematical learning leads to observation. E.g. we learn the area of triangle or rectangle in class first, mug it up, solves dozens of problem on it, score good marks and then  observe what exactly calculation of area means, Even I never bothered to ask teacher that ‘how the formulae has been derived?’ But if we need any sort of interest in MATHS, OBSERVATION must leads to MATHS, then only we will enjoy learning it and it will be FUN! I learnt n mugged differentiation & integration but enjoyed it when I was able to observe it in nature. See, Universe, our mother nature are peculiar models, for which a formula can be DERIVED to understand it properly.

Why we always say ,’we ‘DERIVED’ a formula and not ‘CREATED’? because we have taken it from nature and synthesized it. Eistein, Ramanuj have always emphasized observation of nature, MATHS came naturally to them. Great mathematician Ramanuj have emphasized once that “ An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God!” We surely say such one thought of god is nature itself, isn’t it?

When asked about ‘How it all comes to you?’ Ramanuj simply said that he don’t know, it come to him naturally. His colleague G.N.Hardy always said to him,’You have to prove this! You need to have (proofs) formulae’ but for Ramanuj those were secondary questions. Hence observation gives some calculations and we just derive formulae from them.

So next time, when we start to learn MATHS, inculcate the habit of OBSERVATION, because our Mr. Cool Einstein has said,”God does not care about our mathematical difficulties, he integrates Empirically”. So its time for OBSERVEMATICS than MATHEMATICS.